Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Making of a Christmas Card

I've been saving this post until I got my cards mailed out and knew most people had received them.  Didn't want to ruin the surprise of course!  I am so excited about my cards this year.  Probably because I have a sweet little guy to star in them :)  Awhile back I saw a photo on Pinterest that I just KNEW I had to recreate.  So, I called up the BEST photographer around and put her to work.  Side note for some advertisement.... Alica Jerome at Northwest Photoworks is amazing for any of you living in Arkansas.  Here she is hard at work.

Ok, back to the cards.  She delivered as always!  And I know these photos are going to be treasured for years to come!

I also knew we needed a full family picture with the dogs and all.  They have been somewhat neglected lately and have really been good sports about it all.  But, I wouldn't dare leave them off the Christmas card.  Good thing we have a close friend who also takes photos in his free time.  I was luckily able to convince Anthony to come over and take a few quick pictures for our card.  I love fall and all the colors that come with it in Arkansas.  So I made sure to get this one done in October when the leaves were at their best.  We headed a little down the road from our house.  Thanks Anthony!  I am thinking about making this one a canvas for our living room.

The best part about this photo shoot though was seeing the action shot pictures when a car would drive by.  Roy and I are focused on the task at hand, smiling for the camera!  Trey and the dogs are clearly distracted! 

I used Vistaprint for my cards.  I have used them for the last several things I've needed and their quality is really good and they have pretty cheap prices!  You can upload your own designs and not have to stick to set patterns if you don't want to.  The peeking out the window pic was just too cute not to include so I put it on the back of the card!  And here is the final product!

I hope everyone enjoys their Holiday season!


  1. What a cute card! Merry Christmas you guys!

  2. You too Emily! Send me your address so I can get you on the list for next year!

  3. I love it. I made the blog! Thanks for the shout out! Love your family!