Saturday, December 3, 2011

Grapevine Poly Mesh Wreath - How To Make It!

I decided I loved the poly mesh wreaths I made several weeks ago (this post) so much that I was going to do a couple as gifts for some friends.  But this time I decided to use a grapevine wreath and change a few things up a bit.  Also added some personalization with the letter of their last name.  I absolutely LOVE how these came out!  And of course I am going to give the tutorial on how to make them because as mentioned in my previous "how to" post, I cannot get over how much people are getting away with charging for these!  So simple to make, I promise!

21" wide roll of deco mesh
Floral wire
Ribbon in a coordinating color (any size will work just depends on the effect you want)
24" wreath (or any other size you want - I just think this is a good standard size)
Wooden letter
Paints for your letter
Hot glue gun
Any decorations you want to add

Note: All supplies can be found at Hobby Lobby or whatever your local craft store is.  I do like the deco mesh options found at Mardi Gras Outlet.  They have a lot of different stuff to choose from. 

1.  Start by painting your letter in any design or color theme you wish.  Let it dry while you work on the rest of the wreath.  Tip: Using the eraser of a pencil works quite well to make good dots.

2.  Hot glue the end of your ribbon to the grapevine wreath.

3.  Wrap the ribbon around the wreath.  You can make it closer together if you don't want to see the wreath form you are using.  I really liked the grapevine so I wrapped mine pretty wide.  Once you reach the starting point of your ribbon cut it off from the roll and glue the end in the same spot you glued the first piece.

4.  Wrap the floral wire around the wreath and twist a couple times to secure.  It is hard to see but it is in the middle of the picture.  It's green.  Place them sporadically around the wreath to create the spots where you will "gather" your poly mesh.

5.  Take your poly mesh and make bunches around the wreath where you placed the floral wire.  You can follow the steps in my previous how to (here) to find out how exactly to work with the poly mesh.

6.  Arrange your decorations around the wreath where you want them.  A lot of these I was able to stick the picks on the end of the decorations into the grapevine to secure and did not need the hot glue gun.  You will need to hot glue the letter onto the wreath.  To attach the ornaments I just used the floral wire that was left over from securing the poly mesh.  You can make your wreath as simple or as full of stuff as you like!  I think mine falls in between those two.

All Done!  See how simple that was?

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