Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Ornament Exchange

Every year we do a Christmas ornament exchange with some of our close friends.  I look forward to it every year!  We draw names several weeks in advance so we have time to pick out that perfect ornament.  I love trying to figure out just the right gift.  I also love seeing what ornament I get!  This year in our group of friends 4 of us all had our first kid so it has been the year of babies.  We went from a group of friends with no kids to a group of friends with 3 newborns!  It is going to be so much fun in the years to come as they grow up together.  Roy got Joey who is one of the few in the group that did not have a kid these year but he sure does love all of them!  He has quickly become known as Uncle Joey.  So when Roy pulled his name I knew exactly what I was going to make him.  Something with all the babies AND inspired by Pinterest of course!  I love how it turned out!  I am going to be making some more of these for sure!  I will probably only use 2 or 3 blocks on future ornaments.  But I needed 4 for each baby on this one.

Wood blocks (mine are 2x2)
Black paint (or whatever color you want)
Photos or words printed on photo paper (I found the photo paper to work better than normal paper)
Matte Mod Podge

1.  Paint the blocks
2.  Drill a hole through the middle of each block
3.  Print pictures out (or words) in a 1.5x1.5 square
4.  Paint a layer of Mod Podge onto the block
5.  Put picture on top of the wet Mod Podge and paint another layer on top of the picture
6.  Let the first layer dry and do one more layer, be careful not to paint it too thick
7.  Once the blocks are dry string your ribbon through the holes tying a knot in-between each block
8.  Add as much ribbon as you want to the top and bottoms of the blocks

A couple of different views of the ornament....

Original idea from Craft Goodies

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