Saturday, November 5, 2011

A well costumed little guy!

With it being Trey's first Halloween I of course had to buy all the cute little onesies I saw while out shopping!  And then of course had to take pictures of them all.  So here it is, Trey's line-up of Halloween outfits topped off by his actual costume of course!

We begin with the typical "My First Halloween" onesie.

And then the pumpkin face onesie

I think this one was one of my favorites.  Mummy sure does love Trey!

And then we have the skeleton jammies with candy in the belly, so cute!  Trey's little buddy Oliver had matching ones.  It is so funny to watch Trey interact with Oliver right now.  It is going to be fun watching these two grow up!  By the time we got home from playing with Oliver Trey was PASSED out!

Here is the real deal!  The actual Halloween costume.  I loved this cute little lion outfit I found online.  It was a little tough to get a picture of Trey though!  He kept staring up at his main or down at his big paws.  These are the best I got from my attempts!

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