Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Treats!

Ok so I think I can easily say that I got carried away with baking Halloween treats this year.  It is all because of Pinterest!  That site is so addicting and I kept finding things I wanted to try.  So needless to say, what was going to be one batch of cookies to take to our Halloween party tonight turned into 2 kinds of cookies, brownies, and cupcakes for Roy's work.  Oops!

First up was the original batch of cookies I was going to make.  Chocolate chip Oreo stuffed cookies!  I used a Halloween Oreo to help make it festive.  Recipe was found on the Picky Palate blog.

Then I found a recipe for those wonderfully delicious sugar cookies that you can buy at the store in seasonal colors.  I had to make them into Halloween cutout cookies!  Recipe can be found on Sweet Pea's Kitchen blog.  If you try and make them take note that I did have to add an extra cup of flour from what the recipe called for to dry the dough out and be able to roll it.  I am guessing it could be because it is more humid in Arkansas than wherever she is?  They turned out great though!

And then for the brownies!  Any old brownie recipe will do.  Then add some chocolate frosting on top and crumbled up Oreos.  I trimmed the bottom off of a mint milano cookie to make it stand up better.  Used some decorating gel to write "RIP" and added a pumpkin.  And presto! A graveyard brownie!

Then Roy comes home from work with Halloween cake mix and frosting and wants cupcakes to take to work.  What the heck?  So these are not from scratch, they are a box.  But I fancied them up a bit by adding a spiderweb decoration to the top.  He forget to get cupcake liners though and I only had 12 regular size ones at home, but I did find some mini cupcake liners.  So he got 12 big cupcakes and 24 mini ones.  It worked out!

Happy trick-or-treating to all!  More pictures to come later of costumes and such from this weekend's festivities!

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