Saturday, November 19, 2011

Poly Mesh Wreath How To

I see these wreaths for sale all over the Internet and in stores for ridiculous prices.  I can't believe people are charging $150 and more for these!  They are so simple to make, here is how:

21" wide roll of deco mesh
Deco flex tubing
Ribbon in a coordinating color (any size will work just depends on the effect you want)
Any decorations you want to add
24" wreath
Note: I like the wreath forms found at Mardi Gras Outlet with the wires already attached.  Saves you from cutting individual wires to wrap around a normal wreath.  They have great prices too!

1.  Begin by placing the end of the 21" poly mesh into one of the wires on the inner circle of the wreath form.  Twist the wire once to secure.

2.  Gather some of the poly mesh and "poof" to form your first bump.  The more fullness you want to your wreath the more poly mesh you will want.  Use the next set of wires on the inner circle of the wreath to secure down the poly mesh.  Twist once to secure.  For this particular wreath I did not want it very poofy so I only gathered about 3 inches.  For the red and white wreath at the very top of this blog it is a bit more full, I gathered about 6 inches of poly mesh for each of those poofs.

3.  Continue this process around the entire inner circle.  Try to keep your poofs as even as possible.  Once you reach the end cut the poly mesh off from the roll.  Secure the end into the original tie you started on.  And the inner circle is done!

4.  Now follow the same process around the outer circle of ties.  You will want to make these poofs a little bigger than the inside poofs.  Add a couple more inches to each bunch you gather on the outer circle.

4.  Once you make it all the way around secure down the end just as you did on the inner circle and you are finished with the poly mesh portion.

5.  Now add in the coordinating ribbon by securing it down in the twist ties.  

6.  Work your way around the entire wreath until you have made it to all of the ties.

7.  To add in the deco flex tubing make a loop with the first section of the string and secure into one of the twist ties.

8.  Work your way around the wreath by making loops in the tubing at each twist tie and securing.  In order to hide the deco flex tubing as you go from twist tie to twist tie go underneath the poofs which will ensure the extra tubing is not seen on the final wreath.  

9.  Work your way around the wreath until you have the deco flex tubing everywhere that you want it. For this wreath I did the deco flex tubing on both the outer and inner ring of ties.  In the red and white wreath I only did the tubing on the outer ring of ties. 

10.  Add any decorations to the wreath that you want.  I like the more simple wreaths with only a few decorations.  But there are also plenty of gorgeous wreaths that have tons of ornaments and such added on, so go crazy if you wish!

Hopefully this tutorial will save you some money from having to spend so much on the wreaths people sell!  I can't tell you how easy this was.  And quick to do!  This took me about 30 minutes per wreath.  I got both the red and white and green and white wreath done while Trey was napping.

Update:  Here is another tutorial I did for a different style of poly mesh wreath.  Click here

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  1. And the adorable Scottie one is on my front door! It is beautiful! And was such a sweet and fun surprise. Thank you so very much! You are so talented, Amanda. Glad you got those genes from me! (What? Do I hear choking??) Love, Mom