Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Visit to Prescott

Recently we headed back home to Prescott for a week.  This was Trey's first flight!  And he sure was a good boy!  But we didn't expect anything less right?  I was a little nervous for the whole flight thing but with only 1 week we did not have enough time to waste any days driving.  So off we went!

We flew Southwest out of Tulsa so we were able to have a direct flight.  We got lucky and ended up on a flight that was not full so Trey got his own seat!  We gave him a bottle during take off and he then napped for the whole first hour!  Then once he woke up he played with his toys.  Perfect baby I tell you!

The main reason for our visit was Roy's youngest brother's wedding.  Isaac and Robyn tied the knot on August 28th.  It ended up being the perfect day for a wedding.  A few sprinkles towards the end of the ceremony but nothing major.  Here is a picture of the wedding party.  Picture was taken by Brooke of Brooke Photography who is an amazing photographer if anyone is looking for one!

Here is another picture from Brooke that I just had to share.  I love this photo!  To celebrate Arizona turning 100 next February the whole downtown area was decorated with banners and flags.  The courthouse looked so pretty lined with Arizona flags!  Definitely made me miss my home state!

We certainly were busy while in town making sure we got in all our visits with family and friends!  As always we had a GREAT visit and here are some photos.

Yummy toes!

Trey and his cousin Isaac - born 6 days apart!
I think they are strategizing here...
 Facing off!
 All that thinking, time for a nap!

Out to dinner with Great Grandma

Chase got called off to a fire the day before we got there so Roy didn't get to see his other brother :(  But we did get to hang out with Chase's girlfriend Gina!

Nana giving Trey a bottle

Trey and Tata playing

Trey with Grandpa and Grandy

Thank goodness Nana and Tata had a jumper at their house since Trey had to leave his at home.  He was going through withdrawals!  His cousin Alexis was joining in on the jumping fun!

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